We engage our community to invest, enrich, and ensure the vibrancy and continuity of Jewish life in Nevada, Israel, and around the world.

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**Funding for 2023 has been used 100%. New applications are still encouraged and will be accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis as new funding becomes available**

Dear Applicant:

Please carefully review the Hebrew Free Loan (HFL) Loan Application Information and Requirements before completing the application.  Hebrew Free Loan understands that all information it requests and receives is strictly confidential.  We require that the applicant be a resident of Nevada for at least (1) year prior to the application date. The applicant must also be Jewish.  The co-signer must have United States Citizenship or be a Permanent resident.

The Hebrew Free Loan Program is a program of Jewish Nevada done in partnership with Jewish Family Services Agency.  HFL provides interest-free loans of up to $7,500 to Jewish residents of Nevada to help fund significant expenses that borrowers cannot meet with their own resources or to help bridge a period of unexpected income loss.

Loans of $5,000 or less are repayable in monthly installments for a maximum repayment term of 25 months.  Loans of more than $5,000 are repayable in monthly installments.  All monthly repayments begin one month after the loan is received and are made by electronic debit of a checking account.

The required forms must be filled out completely and received by HFL prior to the processing of any and all requests for financial assistance.  Guarantors (co-signers) must be lined up in order for an application to be considered.  Once we receive the completed application forms, it will take approximately 1-2 months to process the loan and to determine if we can grant the requested loan.  The process may include:  checking the credit standing of the applicant and guarantor; verifying the applicant's employment and salary; having a valid local checking account for loan repayment; and interview with the applicant and JFSA staff, committee member interview, and speaking with the prospective guarantor to confirm their understanding of their obligations in being a co-signer to a loan provided by Hebrew Free Loan, a program of Jewish Nevada (Nevada's Jewish Federation).  Once we meet as a committee and if we approved your loan and guarantor (co-signer), we will then send out the promissory note for both the borrower and co-signer' signatures.  Upon final approval by the Loan Committee, the Hebrew Free Loan will be disbursed.  Our required form of repayment is through monthly ACH.

Should you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at 702-732-0556.


Hebrew Free Loan Administration

The latest in big ideas is to think small. 

Jewish Nevada recognizes that not all important events have big budgets. To help, we are instituting a micro-grant program for opportunities that arise throughout the year for which you have not planned. Requests for between $250 and $1,000 will be reviewed on a rolling basis.

Programs and Events must be listed on Jewish Nevada's Community Calendar in order to be considered.


The committee review process may take up to 60 days depending on when Allocations meetings are scheduled. With this in mind, please apply at least 3 months in advance of your program/sponsorship event request.

Funds can be used for one time events and related expenses, speakers' fees, one-time technology upgrades and more. These grants are meant to be supplemental, and are not intended to cover the entire cost of any program.

This application may be used for gala ad and program book sponsorship requests as well. 

Only Jewish organizations serving the Nevadan community are eligible to apply.


Grant Requirements

If awarded an opportunity or sponsorship grant, your organization agrees to:

Acknowledge the Jewish Nevada in all marketing materials for the program (Funding for this program was provided by Jewish Nevada) with the co-branded Federation "Powered By" logo (to be provided).

Provide at least 3 photos (provided the event does not occur on Shabbat) and a brief (fewer than 500 words) narrative report about the program.

An email with a link to the report will be sent to you if your request is approved.

Who May Apply:  A Jewish young adult between the ages of 13-22 that is a resident in Nevada for a minimum of 1 year.

Scholarship Awards:  Scholarship awards will be based upon the merit achievements of the applicant and the length of the program and will be no more than $2,500.00 per participant for Israel programs. The amount is based on the program's cost, length, other scholarships, number of applicants, and remaining annual funds available.
Awards for Israel programs will only be paid to an entity with a US Federal Employer ID number.

Scholarship award recipients will be notified by email.

Contact Information:  If you have questions please contact Jewish Nevada at 702-732-0556.

Instructions for Application Submission:  Successful applications include ALL of the following items:

  • Application Form for program participant.
  • Parent/Guardian Information Form and complete responses to all questions
  • One Letter of Recommendation from a non-family member.  Letters of Recommendation MUST be submitted with the application and will not be accepted separately.
  • An invoice from the Israel experience that you will be attending with the US payment address.

It is the responsibility of the applicant and their parents/guardians to ensure that all application materials are complete, correct and submitted as directed above.  Jewish Nevada is not responsible for incomplete materials.  

These criteria and instructions are for the use and guidance of the selection committee and do not confer any rights or expectations upon any applicant.

Applications are accepted and reviewed by the committee on a rolling basis. If you are planning on participating in an Israel program in 2023, we recommend applying early as the year progresses less funding is available as it has been awarded.

Jewish Nevada's Right Start Program Application

Jewish Nevada's Right Start vouchers are available for families who start eligible early childhood programs on or after January 1, 2023. Families may apply for the Jewish Nevada Right Start voucher when they apply to a participating school. The vouchers are first-come, first served, based on eligibility. For those who qualify, Right Start will provide funding to help you ensure your child has the Right Start in developing a life rooted in Jewish values and traditions. 

In 2021, Jewish Nevada added a $250 sibling voucher for siblings attending a Jewish participating preschool for the first time. This is for children with an older sibling or a twin already enrolled or previously enrolled in Jewish early childhood education.

Please note that if your child starts preschool before January 15, 2024, now is the time to apply for your voucher. Annual applications open in January and close on December 14 of each year. Vouchers are first-come, first served, based on eligibility. We will keep a waiting list if we run out of vouchers and clear the list as we are able.

Please complete the following application. The Jewish Identity questions are for internal and grant reporting purposes only, this information is not shared with the schools.

First-Time (non-Sibling) Voucher Eligibility:

  • Enrolled in a participating Jewish infant care, toddler care, or preschool for the first time. (see the list below for participating early childhood centers).
  • Enrolled in a class where the child attends independently and meets 3, 4, or 5 days a week (half or full days).
  • A member of a family where at least one parent identifies as Jewish.
  • The child is the first in the family to attend a Jewish early childhood program.
  • Enrolling in a Jewish early childhood program for the first time.
  • Starting a participating program on or after January 1, 2023 through January 15, 2024.
  • Special note: only one first-time voucher per family may be redeemed.
  • *Please note only 1 first-time, first-in-family voucher per family. There is no second year, only the first year.

First-Time Sibling Voucher Eligibility:

  • Enrolled in a participating Jewish infant care, toddler care, or preschool for the first time. (see list below for participating early childhood centers).
  • Enrolled in a class where the child attends independently and meets 3 (half or full) or more days per week.
  • A member of a family where at least one parent identifies as Jewish.
  • The child has a sibling that has been to a Jewish preschool before
  • It is this child's first-time attending a Jewish early childhood program.
  • Enrolling in a Jewish early childhood program for the first time.
  • Starting a participating program on or after January 1, 2023 through January 15, 2024.
  • Special note: only one voucher per child may be redeemed. There is no second year, only first year.

*Please note only 2 sibling vouchers per family.

For more information please visit www.JewishNevada.org/RightStart

Eligible schools:
Adelson Educational Campus, 9700 Hillpointe Rd., Las Vegas, NV 89134
Aleph Academy 1175 W. Moana Ln, Reno, NV 89509
BYCC Academy (Bet Yossef Community Center), 8551 Vegas Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89128
Chabad Torah Tots Preschool (Desert Torah Academy), 1312 Vista Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89102
Kantor Early Childhood Center at Congregation Ner Tamid, 55 North Valle Verde Drive, Henderson, NV 89074
Midbar Kodesh Early Childhood Center, 1940 Paseo Verde Parkway Henderson, Nevada 89012
Sandra and Stanley Mallin Early Childhood Center, 10700 Havenwood Ln, Las Vegas, NV 89135
Shenker Academy (Temple Sinai) 9001 Hillpointe Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89134
Yeshiva Day School of Las Vegas, 55 N. Valle Verde Dr, Henderson, NV 89074

Ends on

Request for Security Funding Guidelines & Application

Grant period (January 1, 2024-June 30, 2025)

Final Application Deadline*: 12/14/2023 *

*No late or incomplete applications will be considered 

Jewish Nevada (JN or Federation) is pleased to invite our collaborative partners to join us in building an inspired Jewish community of unity, compassion, and vision. We provide strategic support in many forms—all designed to build and strengthen community organizations and Jewish life. This round has grants for organizational expenses for specific programs or events related to Caring for the Vulnerable, Jewish Vibrancy & Continuity, and Israel & Global Impact. 

Eligibility The intent is to fund programs that meet Jewish Nevada's criteria strategically. Eligible applicants include nonprofits with tax-exempt status that serve the Jewish community in the State of Nevada.  

  • Nonprofits with current Federation grants must comply with the terms of those awards to be considered.
  • Must have a current TVRA (within the past 3 years) or one scheduled at the time of the application submission.
  • Must have participated in one or more of SCN trainings within the past 6 months or have at least one training scheduled at the time of submission. If the organization has participated in SCN training within the past 6 months, another training must be scheduled during the second half of the grant period.
  • Must have a floor plan on file with Jewish Nevada or be able to submit a floor plan upon grant award.
  • All publicity, program notices, announcements, invitations, and introduction acknowledgments before, during, and after the program shall clearly identify Jewish Nevada with the powered by logo and/or the following statement: “This project is funded with a grant from Jewish Nevada.”  If you are a past grant recipient, please provide examples of promotional materials for your funded project. If this is a new program, please provide samples of proposed promotional materials for your project in your proposal in the attachments section. 
  • Organizations with a budget of $1 million+ must submit the most recent annual audit if applying for a grant(s) totaling $10,001+.  The audit must be no older than 3 years.

Submitting an application does not guarantee funding. Grant Amounts & Use Security Project Grants will range from $5,000 to $25,000. The grant size may be based upon:  

  • Mission alignment
  • Program’s scope and scale
  • Facility needs
  • Organizational/Board support of the project
  • Extent to which the program is able to leverage additional funding sources
  • Prospect for sustainability

Please keep in mind that all allocations requested for your project must be used for the specific expenses requested unless otherwise stated in an award contract. Jewish Nevada will be unable to cover 100 percent of the total event or project cost. Non-local travel is not eligible for funding. JN funds may not be used to fund any fundraising project or solicitation event.  All projects, events, and grant expenses for the 2024/25 Community Security Grant Round must be completed by 6/30/25. Grant payments may be made in quarterly installments, depending on the budget and timeline of the project or upon completion of the project. All of Jewish Nevada's grants are reimbursement based. The final installment will be paid upon receipt and final review of the final project report and financial documents. Failure to complete reporting may result in Jewish Nevada requesting that the entire amount of the allocation be returned to the Federation and ineligible for future grant opportunities.  

Expectations of Grantees 

  1. Jewish Nevada is invited to give a presentation to the grantee Board of Directors by November 2024.
  2. Volunteer support from grantee organizations in campaign-related activities, including Super Sunday and Summer Campaign.
  3. Grantee agrees to help promote and engage its organization’s members to support and contribute to Jewish Nevada's Annual Campaign.
  4. Grantee promotes its events and programs regularly in Jewish Nevada's Shalom Nevada monthly newsletter and submits events to be listed in the community calendar.

 Submission Guidelines Please complete the online application form and upload the required attachments. If you need help with your application, we are here to help you with any questions. You’re invited to submit your application for early review and feedback if you would like assistance with your submission. For additional questions, please contact Ethan Shapiro at Ethan@JewishNevada.org or Julia Franks at Julia@JewishNevada.org with questions.

  • Final Application Deadline*: 10/31/2023; No late or incomplete applications will be considered
  • Please complete the application, and all required documents are due via the online form. 

Jewish Nevada